When a Utah water provider learned that 25% of its water accounts were using 70% of water deliveries, the General Manager decided to launch a messaging campaign targeted to the agency’s highest water users. Yoppify for the win! We sat down with one of the Yoppers who helped with their campaign for a brief Q&A.

What did your messaging campaign include?

After consulting with the water provider, we decided to send customized water use summaries to each of the high-water users. These messages were sent by text or email and included options for the recipient to learn more about their water use. For example, they could see how their use compared to a system average or take a look at recommendations for how often landscapes in their area needed to be watered.

Did you receive any responses from the residents?

Yes! We were surprised by how many residents interacted with our message and wanted additional information.

Was anyone mad about receiving a text or email?

No, we worked hard to craft a message that was informative without being accusatory. It is not very often you meet someone who is intentionally wasting water. Most of these high-water users had no idea they were using more than needed on their landscape. The most negative response we received as someone letting us know the resident’s phone number had changed haha.

What was the most common response from residents?

Hmmm….one response that surprised me was how many residents reacted to their water use being listed in gallons. 26,000 gallons of water can sound a lot bigger than the 26 units. It was honestly a great education opportunity to help residents better understand their actual water use.

What would you do when residents asked how to reduce their water use?

This was one my favorite outcomes of the campaign! Having residents proactively reaching out about water conservation ideas created a great opportunity to share resources and information about rebate programs and conservation tips. Plus, these residents were asking for the information so they were definitely a receptive audience.

Has there been any actual water saved?

We just sent out the first set of messages last month. While it is still too soon to know what the impact on water use will be, I am excited to track the results.

Do you have any other messaging planned?

Yes, we are working with the water agency to plan for another set of water use summaries next month.

Any final lessons learned?

First, many residents are interested in reducing their water use. Second, seeing water use in gallons is impactful. And third, text and email are effective way to reach users with the “highest potential” for water use reductions.

Published On: July 21st, 2022 / Categories: Case Study Interview, Communication Strategy /

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