Rule Three

Prepare for Delivery

Without delivery, all of the progress you’ve made with rules one and two is pointless. It’s kinda like preparing invitations to your keynote address without ever sending them out. Rule three can fix that.

What doe Rule Three look like?

Going door to door isn’t always feasible for tight communication timelines—nor is it the most efficient use of staff time. When you have to reach thousands by email or phone, are you equipped to do it? If you serve more than a few dozen customers, investing in a tool for mass notification can bring peace of mind.

Wen you only have emails for some contacts and only phone numbers for others, you need a plan for delivery.  Find a system that will allow you to reach contacts using whatever method is best for them. Yoppify has tools that can do this for you automatically. We will also pre-check your emails and phone numbers so you know up-front how many of your selected contacts can be reached using a specific method.

Do you know that your message was successfully delivered? Peace of mind only comes when tracking is part of your process.

Whether you have a bad email address or a disconnected phone line, sometimes a message is going to fail. What matters is that you have a plan for that. If you text all your contacts be prepared to follow up with an email for texts that weren’t delivered. Yoppify can let you do this automatically.

Need help with Rule Three? We can help you master delivery.

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Why Delivery is the Most Important Part of the Solution

Your message doesn’t matter if you can’t get it delivered. That’s why rule number three is to prepare for delivery.

Optimize the channel

Send texts to mobile, calls to landlines, emails to email addresses, and when all you’ve got is a mailing address…you better send a postcard.

Deliver your message

Can you send texts, emails, or phone calls to large numbers of contacts at once? Be prepared to deliver with tools for mass notificiation.

Track your success

The only thing more important than delivering your message is knowing it’s been delivered. Make sure you have a method for tracking your success.

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Delivery is simple when you have the right tools. We can help with that.

Whether you need a solution for distributing your messages or for tracking your success, Yoppify has tools designed specifically for busy public employees.

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