Rule Five

Show Your Value

Don’t let monthly billings be the only time your residents hear from you. Trust is built with every successful interaction.

What does Rule Five look like?

You want the public to notice all of the good things you do for your community and NOT just the times when things go wrong. By sharing your ups as well as the downs, your customers will start to recognize the full role you play in your community.

Trust is built with every successful interaction. Is a construction project or power upgrade going to impact your residents? Send them a text to explain the situation and provide context for what they might experience.
The magic happens when residents and customers start to trust you to share the information they need. In the end, everyone will be happier and more satisfied with your service, and you can start reaping the benefits of having strong supporters in your community.

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We make it easy to start communicating your value.

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Your Customers Need to See Your Value.

Communicating proactively and frequently with your residents can lower costs, improve efficiency, and allow you to better focus on your mission.

Satisfied Customers

When residents and customers trust you to share the information they need, they will be more satisfied with your service.

Happier Staff

When your employees are able to provide better service without increasing their workload, everyone is happier.

Successful Engagement

No matter your staff size or the complexity of your operations, rule five can help you create community advocates.

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Need your customers to recognize the value of your service?

We can help you build relationships through communication that lead to lasting community advocates.

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