Rule Two

Plan in Advance

There’s nothing worse than getting hit with an emergency, pipeline break, natural disaster, or unexpected contamination event when you and your team are unprepared. Rule Two is the cure.

What does Rule Two look like?

Is your infrastructure aging? Do you operate in a community that faces water shortages or drought? Do you pump fluoride at certain well sites? Have you seen others in your industry face specific types of disasters? Knowing what risks you face is the best way to know where to focus when proactively preparing your communication responses.

It is because you provide a valuable public service that federal and local reporting requirements exist. The best way to meet requirements is to know what they are

During an emergency event, your top priority is to restore or continue providing service. Proactively preparing your communication strategy will allow you to focus on what matters most in the moment. If you have the right tools, you can even save drafted messages that are ready to send at a moment’s notice.

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Why Communication Planning Matters

There will always be a few surprises, but with a little planning you don’t have to feel powerless or overwhelmed.

Know your communication needs

Inventory situations and operational risks your organization frequently faces or has faced in the past.

Learn from others

Take note of situations that others in your industry have faced. How likely are you to face a similar situation? How did they respond? What did they do well? What could you improve?

Prepare your responses

For each situation you may face, prepare a plan for WHO should be contacted, WHEN they should be contacted, and WHAT should be said.

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