Utah, Meet Your newest water Partner.

Yoppify is revolutionizing the way communities strengthen resident trust, maximize water conservation, and streamline utility operations.

Funding may be available for Yoppify’s Innovative Solutions

Grant Funding for Utah communities 🙂

Grant funding is available for services like Yoppify. Want in? Our trained grant experts can help secure funding for your community.

Targeted Conservation for Maximum Impact

Targeted Conservation Solutions.

Yoppify makes it possible to laser-focus conservation efforts for the greatest impact.

Solutions for Every Communication Need

Results beyond the Meter.

  • Instantly send emails, texts, phone calls, or mailers.

  • Track conversation histories and contact details.

  • Be prepared for boil orders, service disruptions, and unplanned events.

  • Deliver payment alerts and shut off notices without going door to door.

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Conservation Results Start With Targeted Communication.


Yoppify’s innovative technology allows water providers to tailor conservation messaging to specific households, resulting in more effective and efficient water conservation outcomes


Yoppify can optimize exisiting conservation initatives by delivering resources and rebate information to the right residents at the right time. For example, turf removal incentives to residents with the largest capacity to conserve or fixture rebates targeted only to residents with older homes.


Yoppify has proven results in the commuities it serves. We understand that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to water conservation. That’s why we work with each of our communities to craft a strategy that ensures resources are being utilized efficiently and effectively.


Grant funding is available for some Utah communities.